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RAMS Insulation Pty Ltd
PO Box 68 Tullamarine 3038
Melbourne Australia
Phone 1300 19 00 51
Fax 03 9449 7446

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Installing Rams Insulation to your home or commercial site is the most cost
effective way to improve energy efficiency. By insulating your premises correctly,
you'll benefit from savings in heating and cooling costs. By insulating your
Ceilings, you'll save between 20-30%. By insulation your Ceiling plus Walls,
you'll save between 40-50%. By insulating your Ceilings, Walls plus Floors, you
can save between 45-55%!! As an added benefit, Wool insulation also fights
against condensation and acts as a barrier to heat flow. This is essential to
keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

Installing Rams Insulation will also contribute to reducing greenhouse gas
emissions and will absorb indoor air pollutants such as formaldehyde.
We distribute our products to DIY retailers, building & hardware store outlets &
eco-stores around Australia & abroad. Phone or email one of our friendly staff so
we can assist you with any enquiries & direct you to a distributor near you.

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CONTACT US: 1300 1900 51