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RAMS Insulation Pty Ltd
PO Box 68 Tullamarine 3038
Melbourne Australia
Phone 1300 19 00 51
Fax 03 9449 7446

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iStock 000019524111SmallRams Insulation thermal wool range will fight against condensation,
unlike man-made materials.
When wool absorbs moisture it actually emits energy which warms
the wool and prevents condensation.
Rams Insulation is manufactured to comply with AS/NZS 4859.1. 


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Low Carbon Impact

In light of the lower rate of energy required for producing wool fibre, the carbon
dioxide emissions generated are very low. Additionally, wool insulation batts
installed in a building will absorb and lock up 6 kgs of carbon dioxide per square
metre of insulation from the atmosphere. In contrast, man-made synthetic fibres generate
sizable amounts of carbon dioxide in the manufacturing process of the fibre, and do not
absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere when installed as insulation.


Energy Saving

Ceilings - 20-30%Ceilings and Walls - 30-50%Ceiling Walls and Floors - 45-55%


Installation Tips

Installing Rams Insulation will be a cost effective way to save hundreds of dollars
per year on heating and cooling. However it’s important to note the following points:

  • Always check first with a certified electrical contractor that all wiring is in good order.
  • Never compromise the bulk insulation with a lower R - Value than stated.
  • Fill in all air gaps.
  • Ensure that Downlight covers have been placed before installation.
  • All Insulation should be installed in accordance with AS/NZ 3999.

    Ensure that corners of walls, ceilings and floors are properly insulated as these are
    areas where heat leaks occur most often.